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Gravolite Sports Flooring

made in India, Built for Performance

Unleash your potential with Gravolite’s high-performance sports mats. Engineered for shock absorption and low-impact training, our mats are perfect for a wide range of sports, from wrestling and martial arts to fitness, gymnastics, yoga, Kabaddi, Kho Kho and more.

Whether you’re training for competition or perfecting your skills at home, Gravolite provides the ideal surface to elevate your athletic journey. We offer a comprehensive selection of mats, from large competition-grade surfaces to training mats perfect for your home gym. Train with confidence and achieve peak performance with Gravolite.

Gravolite Martial Arts Mats:

Engineered by Excellence, Chosen by Martial Arts Masters.

Train like a champion on Gravolite mats. Our innovative surface offers unmatched performance, grip, and comfort, ideal for any martial arts style.

Invest in Gravolite Martial Arts Mats and transform your training space into a world-class environment. Contact us today to learn more.

Level Up Your Training

With Gravolite Multi-Surface Mats

Don’t let your workout space limit your training. Gravolite’s multi-surface mats offer the versatility you need to conquer any cross-training challenge. With a variety of options, colors, and configurations, you can create the perfect blend of traction, durability, and protection for your entire functional fitness routine. Maximize your gym’s potential and elevate your training with Gravolite.

Gravolite Sports Flooring

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