Business to government


The mission and vision we have built so far has been an enabler in transforming Gravolite as one of the topmost preferred matting partners in all the National and International events hosted by respected federations and private entities.

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Listening to the coaches and instructors worldwide we had to align their requirements with the sports solution we were providing as there was a need of an hour to nurture and develop the sporting infrastructure.


In order for our Athletes to win they had to be trained well and trained right. It could be only done when we could give them the best infra. A sport is a platform that causes major injuries to the players, while researching we found that it was due to non-availability of professional mats and equipment’s. These injuries are either life-threatening or can lead to permanent physical disability. To lower the risk, Gravolite came to the rescue and manufactured professional mat that cushions the body to prevent aches and pain as well as fatal injuries while performing any sport.


All the sports have different kind of professional mats and different cushioning. Knowing this we were able to partner with the government entities. Till now we have nearly partnered with 1000+ national sporting events and also with Asian games, world championships, common wealth games, etc.